Some extra information you should know about more details

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The phrase ‘more specifically’ is grammatically correct. Because ‘specifically’ implies that you might be far more exact than your previous statement,’ more particularly’ seems redundant. Furthermore, the word specific is frequently used to describe distinct levels or degrees of detail. An example of a complex sentence. He should make an effort to recall everything he sees. While they didn’t discuss their offenses, they both admitted to having their lives ruined by fleshly sins. Regardless, we were ecstatic at the level of detail he’d obtained more info here.

How to use this in a sentence

The plural ” details “ is used when dealing with several individual features/characteristics; the plural “details” is used. A “detail” (used as a verb) is an independent feature or characteristic. When describing the amount of specificity/completeness, however, you use “in detail.”

  • They fill in the blanks.”…
  • He further elaborated on the happenings of the previous day…
  • … Delete the draught and add new information.
  • At their regular December summit, EU leaders are likely to go over Cameron’s proposals.
  • It will then go over these essentials in more info here.

Some examples of using more details

For more details, see the FAQ over the web.

For more details, please get in touch with your SkyTeam airline.

For more details, see the sample over the web.

For more details, contact the Hong Kong Immigration Department.


This is very common that we have to use more details because everything has a limit of words, and at the current high price, we have to redirect them for that purpose, so we use all these things.