Why Keeping Pets Will Help You Deal with Stress

Pets are wonderful creatures that give us unconditional love and are a lot of fun to take care of. Whether you take care of a dog or a gerbil, pets have been proven to get rid of stress. These furry little creatures are a great way to relieve stress from your life. Here are some reasons why keeping pets that you live will help alleviate your stress.


Relieve Bad Hormones

When we are stressed, we often get higher blood pressure and create a lot of bad hormones such as cortisol. Cortisol is associated with depression and anxiety. However simply spending time with a furry friend and petting them can easily lower your blood pressure and release oxytocin which helps you relax and be happy. If you spend five minutes with your pet and pet them, you can experience higher amounts of dopamine and endorphins which are known as happy hormones!

They Sense Your Feelings

Animals are living creatures too, so they know when you are feeling down. Whenever pets sense that their owner is in stress, they often go to them and sit down near them to try to calm them down. The simple presence of a loving creature nearby you can instantly calm you down. Seeing a sweet creature walk up to you while you are not feeling great can feel amazing, because you see that they care about how you feel and want you to be happy.

Not Just The Furry Friends

While most fluffy creatures like cats and dogs get all the credit for relieving stress from their owners, other animals can have the same effect too. Studies have shown that putting a fish tank on an empty wall and then watching it for about 30 minutes can help reduce your blood pressure a lot. If you love other creatures like geckos, you could take care of those and watch them explore their habitat to help take your mind off things.

The Stronger the Bond, the Better the Relief

If you have a strong bond with your pet, you will experience more stress relief when you are with them. That is because you know that they mean absolutely no harm and only want the best for you, so you can feel instantly calmed by their loving presence. However, even brief moments with another kind animal can help people feel better if they do not own a pet. Next time you are feeling down, you can try asking a friend if you could hang out with their pet for a bit and you will notice a great difference in your mood afterward!

Encourages Movement

Most animals will help keep you active, especially dogs. You have to walk them and play with them, which will encourage you to stay active. Being active helps reduce stress and enhances your overall mood, so it benefits both you and your pet! Not only will this be good for your mental health, but it will boost your overall health!

Owning a pet can help you relieve stress almost immediately. Pets are wonderful little angels that can help you feel better throughout your day to day life.