Which Tip For Pressure Washing Car?

The effectiveness of pressure washing has made it a really popular option for people that don’t want to have to clean every single day. If you were to pressure wash your walls once a month, suffice it to say that you wouldn’t have to concern yourself with cleaning them for the rest of that month without a shadow of a doubt. However, there are some limits to what you can use a pressure washer on. For example, a lot of people try to pressure wash their cars assuming that this is a good idea, and their lack of knowledge and expertise often results in them scratching up the paintwork at this current point in time.

That does not confirm that you should never power wash your car no matter what. Quite on the contrary, it is a testament to how technical and complex pressure washing truly is for the most part.The most common contributing factor that can ruin your car if you pressure wash it is the nozzle that you put at the end of your hose. Nozzle colors indicate the width of the spray, and since a narrow and concentrated jet would create scratch marks on your vehicle you should consider using the widest one that you have.

As a result of the fact that this is the case, we would recommend using the white tip for car washing. This tip emits a spray at a forty degree angle, which means that you would be able to clean your car in several consecutive arcs. The pressure does not have to be toggled down if you use this tip which is great because low pressure can be useless.