What is the role of Saint Michael the archangel?

Saint Michael is not a saint but he is an angel. He is the leader of the angels. And the army of God. He is above all others in the rank which is the title “Archangel” means. He also has four main responsibilities. And as you all know from the scripture and in the Christian tradition.

  • He fights against Satan
  • Guide the faithful ones to heaven at the time of their death
  • Champion in the Church and to all Christians
  • Gather all men from Earth to the heavenly judgment

In Daniel, he was mentioned twice. The first is he helped Daniel. And the second time is he mentioned the end times of the world when he stood for the children of the people. He is then mentioned in the Epistle of St. Jude. St Michael guarded the tombs of Moses and Eve and he fought with Satan over the body of Moses. The final one is in Revelation. He and his angels have a battle with a dragon. Now St. Michael is commanded for protection from deadly enemies. St. Michael is also the patron saint of police, doctors, and soldiers.

He is referenced in the Old testament. And already been part of the Christian teachings as in the early times. And in Catholic traditions and writings, he is the protector of the Church and the opponent of Satan. He also helped people at the hour of their death.

Angels and archangels

In the Catholic tradition, it is called Michael, Raphael, and Gabriel the archangels. The word comes from Greek arche is prince and Angelos as a messenger. The name means “Who is like God”. Gabriel’s name means “Power of God”. And Raphael means “God has healed”.  They are named in the Bible as angels. But only Michael is called the archangel in the Bible and in The Book of Michael.

In the hierarchy of the angels, the highest level is St. Michael which is a princely Seraph. It means he is an angel of the greatest power and leader of the army of God.

The Role and mission

Usually in Roman Catholic St. Michael has its four roles. The first St. Michael is the enemy of Satan and fallen angels. He overcame Satan and removed him from Paradise. He will gain victory at the hour of the final battle with Satan. Second, he is the angel of death. He guides and gives each person a chance to recover before they die. Third, he is weighing peoples’ rewards. Lastly, he is the Guardian of the Church.