Tips for choosing a decorative curtain rod for your windows and bathroom


A curtain rod is very common in every household as it helps to prevent too much sunlight entering the room and also preserves privacy in the bathroom by using barra cortina ducha. However, a curtain rod serves more than one purpose.It also helps with many other important things that improve the beauty of your home.

Due to the various shapes, designs, and colors that exist in the bazaar, curtain rods for windows and showers have also become ornamental.

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Let us look at a few tips to choosing the right curtain rod for your house.

  1. Curtain rod based on curtain type

The design of curtain rods is different from each other in various ways. It may be based on color, material used for the production of the rod, and design of the rod. Choosing an improper curtain rod for your shower, like a light weight rod and a heavy weight curtain, will result in bending or breakage.

So, it’s very important to check the curtain that you wish to buy. It’s better to buy a heavy-weighted, strong curtain rod. It will be suitable for both light and heavyweight curtains.

  1. Keep the requirements in mind

The curtain rod you wish to buy should be according to the room’s requirements. Because different places require different types of curtain rods, for example:

Your bathroom is always wet, so it’s a good choice to buy a stain-less steel  for your bathroom to prevent rusting. For kitchen windows, you can choose some normal curtain rods if you wish. If you wish to cover the windows in your living room, the curtain rod should be decorative; else your house design will be spoiled by these curtains and curtain rod.

  1. Curtain rod length is exact as required

The length of the curtain rod is very important to consider when buying it. The sizes vary from place to place. The size of the kitchen window will differ from the living room window in some houses. And the size of the shower curtain will be different. So that means buying the rod as per the required length by measuring the actual length.

  1. Choose the rod according to the style of your house

You must remember your house design. The curtain may spoil your house design, so choose the perfect curtain rod and curtain for your house to make the room look stylish and beautiful.